Beliefs & Behaviours - the true impact on your business
You may have noticed repetitive thoughts either holding you back or propelling you forward. 

For the thought patterns that propel you towards the creation of your business success, that’s awesome you are already putting your magnificent personal empowerment to fruitful use. There is always the capacity to expand and hone this inner talent to magnify your business milestones, acceleration or running your business with ease.
If things in your business or life just aren’t lining up or getting off the ground to start with or aren’t going the way you really would like them to be, then there’s a good chance the information I can share with you may really help you.

If you have noticed what you say to yourself and those thoughts aren’t very supportive, nourishing or empowering, you are certainly not alone. 

It may be a worthwhile keeping a track of a few things when you notice this happening here are some examples to bring your awareness to your thoughts when you’re chatting away to (or scalding) yourself;
  • What is the tone? – self-loathing, lack of, not deserving, not good enough, not worthy, self-doubt
  • What do you say? – ‘You can’t….’, ‘Who will buy from you?’, ‘You’ve never done it before’, ‘You’re not successful’, ‘What if you fail or you’re going to fail or you didn’t succeed last time’, ‘You don’t have…’, ‘You don’t know how to…’
  • What area of your business are you working on when you notice these thoughts? – are you creating/researching the start up, implementing something in your business, money processes such as invoicing or account keeping, working with others suppliers/contractors/clients/staff, making business calls, doing your marketing/planning, preparing to expand
  • How do these thoughts make you feel? – deflated, uninspired, small, unmotivated
  • How do you respond? – by questioning the thoughts, recalling memories or experiences that support them, turn them around to something positive and supportive, ignore them and hope they go away, have a physical or emotional expression such as crying, anger, body shakes, headaches, use tools/resources to support you to move beyond these thoughts
  • What is the outcome or actions from these thoughts? – rebut against them and forge ahead in your business regardless, nothing – they stop you in your tracks, debilitated completely disarmed and can’t progress, lose momentum and go off track to something you are comfortable with, seek guidance and support to continue to progress in your business

Auto-Pilot’ing…is it efficient for you?

There is a direct correlation between your beliefs, thoughts and the actions or inactions you take in your life and business. Humans are brilliant auto-pilot’ers it’s one of our brains special talents although it does not discern between a pattern that is outdated, inefficient or unsupportive for new aspirations and directions you are undertaking.
Your beliefs give rise to your thoughts and the chain reactions that follow to emotions, attitudes, perspectives, decisions, behaviours and actions. So there’s a lot to automate purely from Human efficiency point of view. If we had to work all of that with each of the thousands of thoughts we have each day, we’d never get anything done!

Where do they come from?

You develop what you believe from experiences and from people at the time that we perceive have a high level of respect, authority and trust for. The experience may be singular and traumatic or repetitive and consistent in process or outcome. From this we attach a meaning to the experience and from there we begin to prove something we are either told or begin to believe for ourselves. Our beliefs become a personal truth, they shape who and how we are in the world, what we create as our daily experience called ‘reality’. 

Beliefs are neither good nor bad, they just are. There are 3 most important things about them;
  • Discover what yours are and how they are playing out in your life. Are they keeping you in the experience of life under-developing your potential or are they enriching your life experience, expanding and exploring more of you?
  • Recognizing their job is to protect us and make us efficient.
  • Know how to adjust them. Resetting your auto-pilot compass so they are driving you in the direction of expanding you into your full capabilities and possibilities.

Your belief story…

As an example scenario, let's say you are excited to start a business for your brilliant idea. You get so far along with it and your thoughts, which is your belief story, are like, ‘who are you kidding, you don’t know anything about business, who’s going to want what you have to offer, most businesses fail – what makes you so special, do you think you can pull this off?’

Or let’s say your to-do-list has something salesy on it, you run a little belief story that has you procrastinating over and over it, you dread it because you’re uncertain of their response, of your worth or lack confidence or experience.
Or perhaps it’s around business finances, setting your pricing, sending invoices or collecting monies, even account keeping and being on time for your BAS. There’s another little belief story playing out and maybe it sees you not charging your value, not following up, being unorganised with your accounts, or even not getting paid! Your beliefs set your money mindset and include your worthiness, receiving money, how good or bad you are with money and your money ceiling – that’s the cap you have on your lifestyle and business/wage earnings.

When our beliefs are mid-guiding us…

Then the doubts creep in distracting us from our desire and will to keep moving forward, we give up, put the project aside, and don't share it with others. We retreat within ourselves believing the ‘mis-truth‘ which prevents us from reaching out for support and guidance to pick ourselves up to move forward and not give up. So that’s your behaviour and there will be a range of emotions that surface to support this as well.
In the auto behaviour reaction there’s like to be a decision to give up and put it off for now, it’s rare to forge a path forward when our belief patterns are so strong. And that’s our reaction to one little belief that has then set off a chain of Auto-Reaction-Processes that have you giving up before you’ve even started. When your beliefs are not serving your desires, that’s not even the most detrimental and life sucking thing about this process when your beliefs are not serving your aspirations, direction or creations.
It really is without awareness, intervention and implementation there’s no transformation to be forward moving, you are auto-reinforcing the already unsupportive pattern, and it just gets more ingrained and has you playing so small in life you may even question what the point is at all and why even bother!
If you believe you can, you will – If you believe you can’t – you won’t even try!

Your life, your choice…

Your life’s time is finite, and so there is much potential for you to discover, create and live in your time. Once you are aware that there are other ways and possibilities available, you can then be empowered with the choice to repeat or redo differently. It’s more than changing your belief story, it’s transforming your belief blueprints that are the creators of a story.

If you let yourself get in your own way then you are giving your personal power over to the auto-pilot, you’re in the back seat. Isn’t it time to jump in the driver seat, set your direction and design your way to your destination. You’re never alone and there’s always amazing guides and supporters if you get off course.

Do you want to keep holding yourself back playing a self perpetuated limited existence in your life and business or are you ready to step forward and put your hand up to say ‘COUNT ME IN’, enough is enough of those limited beliefs it’s time to get productive, proactive and prosperous in your business and simply because you can, you are worthy of the journey and you have something worthwhile to share with the world.

My wish for you is to connect with your inner potential so you can be your best in business, propelling yourself forward in productive, purposeful and prosperous ways.
With passion and guidance.

I'm with you all the way.
~ Coach Kerry -x-x-


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