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I frequently hear "you could charge so much more this".
I intentionally remain affordable for Entrepreneurs to have access to the support I know they need.
~ Coach Kerry x
Hi there! I'm Coach Kerry, a unique mentor that creates deep transformation both personally and in your business.

I've been on a quest of personal discovery alongside a professional career in management, sales and training and and Entrepreneur for over 20 years now. I was 25 when I embarked on my first Entrepreneurial Journey and within a few years I'd started 3 businesses concurrently. 

Before setting out on this path there was a big part of me that was 'going through the motions' of life as we know it, which I discovered were not my values or philosophy! It felt like there was a void inside of me that I could never touch or fulfil. There was a pivotal moment that shifted everything for me, the biggest questions of my life.....What is the purpose to my life?   Why am I here?   How am I here?

I was seeking fulfilment and meaning, I found transformation, alignment, heart, soul and a deep connection to myself and others. I dived into the universe to discover energy & consciousness - the invisible glue that holds everything together!  I transformed my value system and beliefs with powerful techniques, that I've travelled many countries for, to construct an unwavering self belief and integrated my mindset with my new found Vision.  My businesses have been the adventure park of fun, frustration, feedback and freedom that continue to teach me more about myself than any J.O.B!

I've learned a lot about business, intuition, and the transformation it takes to move through the Entrepreneurial mindset phases, discover & deeply connect to self and purpose AND what it takes to build a business from scratch!    It takes GRIT and GRACE to work together.

My purpose is to guide other entrepreneurs through the limiting human matrix system and the daunting tasks of designing and growing a business in today's environment. My signature technique of facilitating personal shifts for business owners and combining it with my extensive business and corporate wisdom for your business mastery, literally transforms into phenomenal lifechanging results!

I'm committed to your success, let's clear the hurdles (self imposed ones included!) that are preventing you from being your best in business. 

~ Coach Kerry

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