The Compassionate Business Academy

 The Business Program for Heart Centred and Passionate Entrepreneurs


This Academy was created foryou!
You're passionate about what you do! Do you feel like you're working in the dark when it comes to your business?

I totally understand, it’s bewildering just how much there is to learn about business at every stage; whether you’ve just started out, ready to go further with a team or somewhere in between.

Truth is we don’t know, what we don’t know which makes it difficult to know what questions to ask or what to do next. 

I completely trust, if you’re reading this, then the general concept of doing business by constant hustling, being 'busy not productive', the perpetual content treadmill and a pushy sales approach, just isn’t your thing. Chance would have it, you’ve arrived at the Academy just in-time! It’s time to turn the light on, because there is another way to do and be in business AND you don't need to go it alone!
It's inevitable ~ as you GROW, so does your business!

The Compassionate Business Academy is the perfect place for passionate entrepreneurs who want to develop their business from a heart-centred approach.

In this 6-month program we'll be using The S.I.M.P.L.E Method, where you'll learn how to implement a foundation of purpose-led processes that will increase your client community and revenue in ways that resonate with you. 

It's not all about your business .... it's your transformation too!

Working with Coach Kerry, you’ll shift your perspectives from the stuff we ‘bump’ up against - the resistance in your actions, to being attuned to your heart’s calling and developing an unwavering confidence and resilience in every area of your business.
This is the greatest gift for your business success.


"By removing your debilitating resistance programs and perceptions, as you commit to the action processes it's inevitable for your business to generate flow that stimulates the achievement of milestones and an array of opportunities arise. At least that is what I've seen to be the case in business for me and within my client community." ~ Coach Kerry.

"Together we achieve more and in the right environment we achieve the most."

The Compassionate Business Academy Commences February 2023

To be part of the Compassionate Business Academy learning program you'll want to join us for Level 1 - Participation.

LEVEL 1 $97/month or $565/PIF
  • 2 hours of Learning the art of The S.I.M.P.L.E Method so you can implement the heart led, purpose driven processes in your business without the overwhelm. Each month we discover the individual processes.
  • We set you goal for the month - keeping your focus on 1 - 2 main projects only
There are 3 other Levels you can choose add to your business development experience. You can mix and match any level providing you are participating in Level 1 as a prerequisite.

LEVEL 2 $67/month or $380/PIF
  • Being with your new business besties as part of the community with your heart connected colleagues is the way to ensure your environment is attuned to growth and supportive. 
  • Each month you email your question/s and we will discuss together, gain advice and there's some hot seat laser coaching sepcific for you, also super helpful for your besties too.  
LEVEL 3 $67/month or $380 PIF
  • Add Level 3 to your program if you're needing accountability, demonstrable support and dedicated time in your diary to get stuff done (implementing learnings from Level 1 together).
  • It's often easier to work together, with a scheduled time in the diary you know that's your dedicated time you'll get your tasks done.
LEVEL 4 $147/month or $855 PIF
  • For the ultimate transformation add Level 4 - Acceleration to take your business to new heights working directly with Coach Kerry, removing resistances and gaining specific business insight, guidance and support! There are limited places available for Level 4 coaching, so don't delay if you want 6 months personal support to make massive momentum.
See below for more information 

Monthly 120 min
Workshop content
(live group zoom session)

$97 / month OR
$565 pay in full
Monthly 60 min
Q&A and 'hot seat coaching'
(LIVE group zoom session)

community Support
Level 1 PLUS: $67 / month
$380 pay in full
Monthly 90 min
'Doing' sessions
(LIVE group zoom session)

Level 1 PLUS: $67 / month
$380 pay in full
Monthly 45 min
Personal Breakthrough
(LIVE private zoom session)

Level 1 PLUS: $147 / month
$855 pay in full
Doors are open to jump into the Academy, you can choose your own journey. Everyone participates in Level 1 and there are 3 additional levels of support to help you GROW.
I know you’re an entrepreneur who wants to make a difference in the world through your business.
Creating a ripple effect of recommendations from clients that extend far into the future, 
is no longer a dream, it's your destiny!

Let’s build your Compassionate Business with my proven Purpose-led processes to make impact and income by doing what you’re passionate about.

Showing you how to implement these learnings into your business in real time, is what I love to do so you can see results fast. As entrepreneurs there's always transition through the phases from employee to business owner and from start up to scale up. When you're learning and growing you alongside your business there's magic in that synergy and this framework is the springboard for you to shine.

I'm committed to your growth and success. If this program is feeling right for you and sounds like it's just what you need, then I know you're committed to your leading your business from the heart on a proven path that I've walked before. I understand what trips us up and know how to keep on the path so you get to your great destiny.

My commitment is why I've made the fees affordable and the power is in your hands to you choose the level of support that suits what you most need.

See you on the inside,
 Coach Kerry
WHAT IS ..... The S.I.M.P.L.E METHOD that shapes the development of
your Heart centred business.
You'd be right in thinking there's A LOT to know about starting, running and scaling a business. 

Here's the 'S.I.M.P.L.E Method' by Coach Kerry, to guide you with the steps and structure to building a heart led, purpose driven business. 

A business that offers a service your clients can't wait to share with others, and one you have clarity, direction and can't wait to jump out of bed for each day.

Gain confidence using the practical elements of building a business that feels right for you, that is aligned with the calling from your heart and passion.

The S.I.M.P.L.E Method ~ 
Sales that is more than just dollars in the bank.
Intention that honours your hearts desires. 
Marketing that is meaningful for you and your clients. 
People you establish remarkable (professional) relationships with including your clients. 
Leverage & Learning to know how to maximise your time, profits and productivity without all of the hustle and hard work! Learn more about yourself, your business and your clients for even greater success and fun along the way. 
Exceptional Experience is the whole purpose to what you do and what you love about what you do. This has the greatest impact for you and your clients having a ripple effect that continues to leave a legacy of meaning for everyone.
As part of The S.I.M.P.L.E Method we'll cover these areas...
  • Compassionate Business Model
    • for you to comprehend the heart centred approach and processes for your business
  • Clarity on your Business Goals & your Ultimate Vision
    • so you know exactly what your creating
  • Identifying your Purpose Philosophy & Values
    • so you & clients know why you do what you do
  • Establishing your clients 'Exceptional' Journey
    • identifying your clients (fan base!)
    • creating raving fans for now and into the future
    • and you have mapped out a path for your clients and business offerings
  • Choosing your marketing strategy
    • identifying your 20 sec 'what you do' description
    • the best ways for you, to get known, establish authority and visibility
  • Creating your marketing content & delivering it
    • everything you need to get your content done, knowing what to create and why
    • provide meaning in your messages
  • Tech support
    • simple tips and work throughs to make tech easier to work without the overwhelm
  • Templates
    • planning templates to use for focus and productivity
    • marketing templates and frameworks for social media, blog and video creation for quicker reproduction each and every time
  • Soulful sales
    • crafting and refining your offers for products or services
    • the 3 step process to making sales part of your client experience and delivering your offers with confidence
  • Know your numbers
    • your abundance calculator to support your goals & vision
  • Collaborating & outsourcing
    • how to effectively outsource, resource and collaborate to gain greater reach and revenue
  • Mindset and Mindfulness
    • finding congruence, harmony and flow in all that you do
    • shifting perspectives along the way so you can free up you mind and body to create lasting happiness that is sustainable and meaningful
    • open your heart to fully embrace and embody your truest abilities and passion

Why The Compassionate Business Academy with Coach Kerry?

What so different about working with Coach Kerry?


Count me in!
I want my business to be as purpose-led and heart centred as I am 
AND I'm ready to commit to growth!

I'm a heart led, passionate Entrepreneur! I'm ready to do this!

"I'm so grateful YOU discovered the Compassionate Business Academy and can't wait to
see your business grow exponentially!"
~ Coach Kerry

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