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YHUB Coworking,
1/128 Yanchep Drive, Yanchep WA

9.30 - 12.30pm : 18th May 2023
3 hour duration

$47 per person

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs new or established in business that aren't sure about their business brand,  the identity and/or experiencing inconsistencies in their business in the areas of:
* Sales or Marketing
* Operational Processes
* Dealing with Staff or Clients
* Communicating your business at networking events or online

Building Your Business Identity
This 3-hour workshop for small business owners, you will learn how to establish a strong business identity that serves as a foundation for every process in your business. Attendees will gain clarity, overcome imposter syndrome, and increase overall productivity. The workshop covers topics such as defining business identity, internal and external identity differences, and belief behind the brand. Practical tools and templates will be provided to create a solid business identity for faster business growth.
  • Introduce the importance of establishing a strong business identity to guide and build every process in your business.
  • Explain how having a solid foundation for your business identity can save your sanity, increase productivity, and harness your passion for your business.
 Defining Business Identity
  • Clarify what business identity is and how it's connected to every process in your business, including marketing, sales, team development, client services, operations, and financial management.
  • Provide guidance on defining your business identity by identifying your values and integrity pillars for your business.
  • Highlight the differences between internal and external identity and how to leverage them for maximum impact and results.
 Founder and Business Identity
  • Explain the correlation between your identity as the business founder and your business's identity, and how it affects your potential for success.
  • Discuss how to overcome doubt and imposter syndrome by transforming belief in your brand into direction and acceleration of your business results.
 As an attendee the practical tools and templates will be provided to help you create, during the workshop, a solid business identity that you can confidently promote and support as you develop your business with success.
Light Refreshments provided for the break and a chance to meet other awesome business owners like you and check out the Yhub coworking whilst your visiting for the workshop.
If you are...

  • Needing more efficiency or processes around
    • management
    • sales
    • marketing
    • balancing work & home
    • finances

  • Struggling to step toward a business goal
    • getting your website done
    • making a marketing plan or creating social content
    • hiring support - VA or onsite team

  • Want to bring a new idea into reality
    • not sure where to start, what to do first
    • need clarity and a plan

  • Trouble prioritising development
    • you've noticed your mindset or habits aren't moving you forward
    • you know it's important but never get around to it
    • can't see the value of it but it's essential for your business
    • don't have time for additional tasks but there's no one else

You're in the right place!

Learn practical strategies to turn your ideas into actions and accelerate your business. 
How will you feel when you...

  • Have a clear direction to move forward
  • Create momentum toward your goal
  • Are supported step by step
  • Have guidance along the way
  • Reach your Goal

All of this is now possible


Not sure about how to get started, make a plan or the steps needed?

That's why you need the Action Preparation Template

You've been trying to get your goal done on your own. The intention is there!

When we put our attention toward something and take action steps, we naturally move forward.
When we work and connect together, we move faster.

I know you're overwhelmed and frustrated by avoiding or not ticking your goal off the list.

Let's get this done with progress and productivity that you feel good about!
Let's get the support and guidance to help you cross the finish line!

All you need to do is REGISTER for the action academy

it's as simple as that.

You're not the only Entrepreneur that's struggling to get everything done in your business!  We can be our own worst enemy at times.
Are your high expectations, perfectionism, procrastination, self criticism and doubt taking you off course from growing your heart-led business?

That's one of the reasons The Academy was created. To give mentoring support to guide you through the mind-field to get things done, with the right plan and in the right order of tasks for the biggest success.

Designated time over 4 weeks, in a small group connecting with your new business besties.

Here's what you'll find inside the ACTION ACADEMY



Struggling to identify the direction to take the first step. The goal seems out of reach or overwhelming. The underlying cause of your procrastination is hidden from sight.

You know deep down it's time to take a different path, make a proactive decision that will support progress and results!

On your Goal Clarity call with Coach Kerry

Your 30 minute call will concisely discuss 
  • what's your priority goal you most want to achieve
  • the current delay in getting started
  • how achieving this goal will impact you, your business and your client community


VALUE $247

Knowing how to create an effective plan, managing your time and resources is not second nature for most Entrepreneurs. With competing priorities constantly distracting your focus, important projects and goals for your business fall by the way side, until they become burningly urgent and necessary, putting enormous pressure on an already stretched business owner!

I don't want that for you! 

Together we create your clear game plan using the simple step by step template.

Your first week 1 session with your new business besties is 2 hours completing the template step by step with Coach Kerry guiding you.
What the template identifies
  • the goal or project, big or small
  • resources required
  • macro & micro tasks
  • risks and setbacks
  • timeframe required vs realistic time commitment
  • rewards and celebrations


VALUE $405

Working on your own with the best of intentions, has meant your goal or project priority drops off the radar. Stuck in overwhelm to make a plan and then make it happen is daunting just thinking about it!

That's why working together in small groups with guided direction and meaningful support for one another makes it easier and more fun to gain massive momentum fast!

Each week we connect at our allocated day and time for the group.

Consecutive weekly sessions for 1.5 hours each week.
At our getting it done days
  • we connect to celebrate each others progress
  • brainstorm setbacks and resources
  • clarify tasks
  • reframe mindset blocks
  • actually work on your tasks


Bonus $33 value

This exercise creates a Vision and deep connection for your goal. An empowering Mantra that keeps you on track and your goal insight.
Building inner support for your outcomes is critical.


Bonus $27 value

Building effective habits takes time, repetition and patience.
This success checklist keeps new habits 'in check' whilst they are becoming productive and supportive for your success.

What you'll get...

👉 Goal Clarity Call with Coach Kerry
👉 Action Preparation Planning Template (APP)
👉 4 weekly action sessions
👉 1 session completes the APP Template
👉 3 doing days and action success tracker
👉 Bonus 1 Mindful Mindset Exercise
👉 Bonus 2 Success Habit Checklist

Introductory prices:

You've never seen anything like this before

Step by step support to get you started on the right foot!
Supportive small connected community of new business besties by each others side!

With over 2 decades of building her own businesses, coaching Entrepreneurs to develop successful businesses, a corporate background in training, management and sales and a passion for understanding human behaviour. Coach Kerry knows how to create effective and lasting change, connect to our deeper purpose and feel unconditionally supported.

These results are waiting for you...
What people are saying
Corrin Ainley, Natural Practitioner, Perth WA
Mel Renfrew, Designer & Renovator, Sydney NSW

HAVE questions before you get started?

We've got answers!

What if I can't make the meeting one week?
It is in your best interest to clear your schedule and make this your non-negotiable commitment to honour your heart-led business each week. Whilst it will be recorded for you to review and make progress, it isn't quite the same as being there at the time, asking questions and getting the support for your success. 

What if I have setbacks between meetings?
There is always support to reach out, ask questions and get feedback along the way. You're not alone in this community of Action takers and momentum makers!

What if I don't complete my goal or project in my first 4 weeks?
You will have gained a massive leap forward. If you want to continue your momentum in the supportive Action Academy community, you can continue at the regular rate of $110 a month. You may be joined with another connected group to continue momentum depending on how many besties continue their action journey from your initial group.

What if I finish my goal or project in the first 4 weeks and want to start another one?
Best to discuss this with Coach Kerry, you may be able to roll into the Academy since you have the template and knowledge for completion already. You feel you want to go through session 1 again. Let's work out what's best for you and the success of your next project.
What happens next...
Once you've registered for the Academy
👉 Coach Kerry will be in touch with you
👉 Then you'll be matched up with your new Business Besties
👉 The day and time for your weekly Action Gathering will be set
👉 A link for zoom and/or a local meeting place will be arranged
👉 Bonuses will be delivered in session 1

you will walk away with...
👉 Moved faster toward your goal
👉 Made purposeful inroads to a bigger picture Vision

And you will have 

👉 Accomplished what you set out to achieve building trust with yourself
👉 Ticked something important off your list without the frustration in the way
👉 Made some new friends

This is what's waiting for you!

Let's get you out of where you are and into where you want to be
From Procrastination to Productivity!

You can either
Keep putting off, de-prioritising that one thing you know you want to get done!

Finally make a commitment with others in the same boat and get this thing done. 
Small dedicated time aligned with small purposeful actions make the biggest impact.
Your choice can be empowering or self limiting - either way, it's your choice right?
To read about your Coach, Kerry click here.   about Coach kerry

I've got your back.

come & Join the action community

This is for you if...

  • you're ready to get going
  • you're willing to dig a little deeper 
  • you really want to lift the outcomes of your business
  • you are ready to unshackle yourself from procrastination
  • you work best as a team, alongside others

This is NOT for you if...

  • you aren't willing to support others and be supported
  • you aren't able to commit just 2 hours dedicated time a week
  • you have a million excuses for why not
  • you're happy with status quo
  • you believe you can do it all alone (Entrepreneur Mind Myth here my friends)

Final call
if you don't do this now, when will you....
What's the cost to your business and your sanity of not stepping toward with productive action? 

If you could have done this on your own, you wouldn't be here. I know that if you're here - it's the right time, because you've come to the right place already.

How much more time do you want to let pass by? 

Coach Kerry
Connect with me : kerry @beinginbusiness.org , text +61 0402044874


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