Being in Business is all about You & your Community of clients and staff!

Business and personal development go hand in hand.
Investing in workshops that promote both can unlock your full potential as an individual and as a business.
Expand your skillset, improve your mindset, and watch yourself and your business thrive.

  • From Procrastination to Productivity: 
    Taking Inspired Action

  • Keep Calm - Stay Confident: 
    Mindfulness Strategies for Overwhelm, Stress and Anxiousness

  • Finding Your Passion & Purpose: 
    From unfulfilled to setting your heart on fire to create a life you love

  • How Thoughts Become Things: 
    The science behind your thinking system, making change with confidence and attracting new things into your life or career

  • The Habit Loop Process: 
    Breaking free from habits that halt your growth and implement habits that help instead

  • Imposter Syndrome: 
    Bridging the gap between who you are and who you want to become

  • Choosing Your Environment: 
    How to implement a support system that accelerates your success even in the most unsuitable situations


  • What you need to know BEFORE starting a business: 
    Having a great idea and having what it takes, the insightful wisdom to help you

  • One Page Business Plan: 
    Creating your blueprint to build and guide your business 

  • Create Your Client Journey: 
    Mapping your client and business relationship for longevity

  • Exceptional Customer Service: 
    The WOW difference that creates referrals, repeat business and sets you apart from your competitors

  • Negotiating for win-win outcomes: 
    The mindset shift that transforms results for everyone

  • Sales without Selling: 
    The technique that empowers and delivers results

  • Building Your Business Identity: 
    The correlation between Founder and Business identities and the steps for solid foundation and easier sales, marketing and operations

Through workshops and coaching we unlock the potential that's hidden inside and I love to see the transformations my clients make in their clarity, confidence, decision making and productivity whilst implementing strategic and practical processes in their business.

" I love being a Personal and Business Coach, Trainer and Speaker. My passion is guiding people through a transformation process to live a life that's meaningful and purposeful whilst building a profitable business. 

With 20 years of experience running my own Businesses, a deep dive into human development and a corporate career in Sales, Management and Training, which I draw from to support others on their own personal and professional development.

The relationship between what we think, the decisions we make and our personal productivity greatly impacts the outcomes of your business. Gaining insight to your thinking system empowers you for greater potential in your business. "

~ Coach Kerry

Yhub Coworking Space, Office 1/128 Yanchep Road, Yanchep WA

City of Wanneroo @ Yhub Coworking, Yanchep
25th May 9.30 - 12.30  FREE Workshop Provided by City Wanneroo
One Page Business Plan: Creating your blueprint to build and guide your business 

City of Wanneroo @ Yhub Coworking, Yanchep
15th June 9.30 - 12.30  FREE Workshop Provided by City Wanneroo
Create Your Client Journey: Mapping your client and business relationship for longevity

Yhub Coworking, Yanchep
22nd June 9.30 - 12.30  $37 per ticket
Building Your Business Identity: How your personal identity shapes your business identity and how to create a strong foundation for your sales, marketing and management through a business identity.
Booking Link: registration opening soon
Other Workshops, Presentations and Courses are available to be designed to your business & community needs
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